Ad Hoc Series


A series of self-published photography publications, facilitating experimentation & limited print editions. 

#5 FLOW (2022)

Handmade leporello featuring sequence of monochrome sea-spaces, from analogue 35mm film photographs. 

Printed: May 2022
Medium: Half-frame 35mm analogue photographs
Size: 13.5 X 76.5cm
Paper: 160gsm Grey Pearl 
Pigment B&W Ink | Signed |

#4 A CLEARING (2021)

A diaristic vignette: set of half-frame film images arranged in a hand-made leporello booklet, with haiku poem. Click image for preview. 

Published: October 2021
Half-frame 35mm film / Self-developed 
Size: A6 X 8 pages 
Paper: 160gsm Grey Pearl 
Pigment B&W ink
Edition of 5 (numbered)


Images taken at the outset of the pandemic, while observing restrictions in my hometown. A fragmentary record, created at a moment of global stasis & isolation. The work is a sequence of disintegrating vignettes & 35mm film off-cuts. Click image for book preview. Full text here

Published: February 2021
Size: 21cm Squared / 28 pages 
Paper: 200gsm (Cover)/ 120gsm 
Hand-bound with blue waxed thread 
Edition of 40

#2 WHITEOUT (2019) 

Fogged 35mm film shot in whiteout conditions - land & sea scapes, with drone soundtrack. 

Handmade booklet with audio download
Size: A5 / 16 pages 
Paper: 120gsm / Hand-sown Binding
35mm Film Scans

#1 VERGE (2018) 

35mm Expired film fragments / outtakes from 'Verge' project.  

Size: A6 
Paper: 120gsm
Saddle Stitching 
Published: September 2018