• Bird

Bird (2021)

A series of stills salvaged from expired Super 8 footage & reconfigured, in rough chronology, in photo-book form. The progression features the figure of a bird immersed in the static & noise accrued by various stages of processing. The work plays on the tension between the photographic 'still' & cinematic movement. Material degradation serves to further diminish photographic fidelity. The result is a series of triptychs suspended between re-animation & stasis / appearance & disappearance. Additional text here

• Artist Book

160gsm paper | Monochrome pigment ink | 18 sheets | 21x27cm | Stab-binding | Black waxed thread

Sleeve + text inset | Tipped-in 4x6 baryta fine art print (signed)| Click image for preview 

• Zine

Size: A5 | 32 pages | Paper: 120gsm 

Hand-stitched with black waxed thread 

Edition: 40