• Verge

Verge (2021-2023)

The film produces certain relations between segments, between what the camera is aimed at and the way that 'image' is presented. The dialectic of the film is established in that space of tension between materialist flatness, grain, light, movement, and the supposed reality that is represented. Consequently a continual attempt to destroy the illusion is necessary.

- Peter Gidal, 'Theory & Definition of Structural / Materialist Film' 


Using moving image footage as source material, this project features a series of works that combine printed photographic grids & still images. Created using reels of analogue film, the work incorporates traces of hand-processing & explores patterns of repetition and variation. Shot in remote spaces at the edge of the mainland, the project treats the image as a site of possibility, using indistinct scenery to explore modes of representation. The work takes the form of a series of artist books & fine art prints.

Excerpts from the series have been showcased at Halftone Print Fair 2021 at The Library Project, & as part of PhotoIreland 2022 'Images Are All We Have' show in Dublin Castle.

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This project has been supported by Arts Council Ireland