• Distances

Distances (2010-2013)

'Memory-images are at odds with photographic representation.'
 - Siegfried Kracauer 

'A photograph is only a fragment, and with the passage of time its moorings become unstuck.
 - Susan Sontag 

'Blue is the colour of longing for the distances you never arrive in, for the blue world.
 - Rebecca Solnit  

A body of work developed over the course of 'years of wandering' - an impressionistic record, reflecting the experience of being between places, & on dissonance around the concept of home. This recent iteration of the project uses the form of the photobook to create a journey-like structure; veering from flow to stasis, its sequence looping inwardly. In revisiting the work, emphasis is placed on the disparity between photography's expressive qualities and its fragmented, documentary aspects. Images shift to become textural, abstracted: they have their own meanings, asynchronous with memory.

Size: A4 | 48 pages 
Paper: 250gsm | 130gsm
Format: 35mm Film | Black & White
Published: September 2022 

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