• Distances

from Distances Pt. I (2010-2013)

After years away 
Return to where I started -
Middle of Winter -
Caught still between here & there -
Forever dreaming of 'home'

Taking photographs means trying to create a record - bearing the marks of place, of environment, of relationship. In the end one is left with a kind of fiction; a half-remembered reality, of shadows & feeling. Between these lived experiences, & our recollections, are distances. 

35mm Photographs (Dublin / Berlin / Malmö) // Slideshow Stills // Info  // Slideshow

*Excerpts published in Howl online magazine / Exhibited as part of Photo Ireland in 2013/ In FRISEUR gallery in Berlin, 2014 / Gallery of Photography 2018 / & In 3 Walls Gallery Dublin, 2019