• Distances

Distances (2010-2013)

'Memory-images are at odds with photographic representation.'
 - Siegfried Kracauer 

'A photograph is only a fragment, and with the passage of time its moorings become unstuck.
 - Susan Sontag 

'Blue is the colour of longing for the distances you never arrive in, for the blue world.
 - Rebecca Solnit  

A body of work developed over the course of 'years of wandering' - an impressionistic record, reflecting the experience of being between places, & on dissonance around the concept of home. This recent iteration of the project uses the form of the photobook to create a journey-like structure; veering from flow to stasis, its sequence looping inwardly. In revisiting the work, emphasis is placed on the tension between photography's expressive capacities & its fragmentary, constructed aspects. Images shift to become textural, abstracted: they have their own meanings, asynchronous with memory.

Size: A4 | 48 pages 
Paper: 250gsm | 130gsm
Format: 35mm Film | Black & White
Published: September 2022 


Exhibited as part of Photo Ireland in 2013 / In FRISEUR gallery in Berlin, 2014 / Gallery of Photography 2018 / & In 3 Walls Gallery 2019